The Midgard Train Station is conveniently located within the Midgard Country Estate gardens and within a short walking distance of the main lodge where the hotel’s dining room, bar, lounge, TV Room, boma and various outdoor terraces, pools, etc. are located. All activities incl. the 4x4 Experience of the main lodge are open to our train station guests as well.

This unique facility is made up of three stationary historical Namibian 1969 passenger train carriages. Prior to their arrival at Midgard they were in use throughout Namibia. 

These three carriages share two separate male and female ablution blocks featuring 4 showers/ 5 toilets/ 6 hand basins for female and 4 showers, 4 urinals, 4 toilets, 4 hand basins for males.

The facility also includes a building housing a large basic kitchen and separate dining room. In the courtyard area is a bar and open boma fire pit. 

Within the complex there is a wood burning barbeque area and designated parking area with 10 covered parking bays.


N$ 75

per Person Sharing
Self Catering




The Train Station at Midgard Country Estate provides a true “camping” experience and as such all guests need to arrive with their own bedding (i.e. sleeping bags and pillows), towels and toiletries. 

Mattresses in cabins can accommodate both adults and children and are 1.8m long, lower bunk beds (35 in total) are 0.76m wide and the upper bunk beds (35 in total) are 0.63m wide. 

Cleaning services included are provided once a day and consist of the cleaning of ablution blocks, cabins, carriages, kitchen, dining and bar area, but exclude the washing of cooking utensils, crockery and cutlery. 

The garden courtyard is swept once a day and firewood is replenished on a complimentary basis. Dustbins are emptied on a daily basis.


Should the self-catering option be chosen, it is again the Train Station at Midgard is a true “camping” experience and as such all guests need to arrive with their own food and beverages as well as camping equipment consisting of glassware, crockery and cutlery along with required cooking equipment and utensils. For further details on the Kitchen equipment see the Midgard Train Station Fact Sheet.


As indicated above the Midgard Train Station provides various levels of catered options available and are all served at the Midgard Country Estate main lodge along with all other lodge guests. 

Groups staying in the Midgard Train Station on a self-catering basis are more than welcome to plan meals and events with the hotel. Special meals, barbeque or boma evenings are available and served at the main lodge. Menus available on request.